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Our Mission

As a Canadian owned innovation company in the field of Robotics and Automation, we focus on the developments of new industry applications, advanced technologies and software.

We are dedicated to solve real pain points in manufacturing including: high cost of robot integration, labor gap in robot programming and random, uncertain and unstructured scenarios factories. 

Confidence from Expertise and Experience

MARI Advanced Robot Control Know-How:

  • High Precision Control: Relative and absolute, P2P and path following
  • Motion Control: Model-based compensation and robust feedback control
  • Force/Torque Control: Back-drivable compliance control
  • Supervised Autonomous: Automatic calibration / obstacle avoidance and power optimization
  • Visual Servo: Visual guidance and following

Our Solutions

Smart Station

Smart Station is a highly customizable robot unit consisting of self-developed software and hardware. A large number of predefined modules allow users to implement or combine the most diverse process quickly and easily. 

Multi-Tasking Cell

Multi-Tasking Robotic Cell is a customizable solution developed for various manufacturing processes, including pick-and-place, welding, sanding, grinding, painting, dispensing, assembly and inspection. 

Cobot Solution

MARI’s cobot solution is for flexible manufacturing. We build smart, easy-to-use and affordable cobot based workstation to satisfy the different needs on the market.   



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